13th/14th January, 2016 – Delhi

Its been a long day of travelling. The flight was as comfortable as it could be, for me (hate flying). I landed at Abu Dhabi and eventually got my flight to Delhi which was delayed by fog. Upon arrival I got through immigration faster than expected. At the airport exit, I couldn’t find my driver, but I saw Robert’s silhouette in the loud melee of men outside. Thankfully he spotted me and sent a quick text message to tell me that he had found our driver, which gave me confidence to leave the airport (once you’re out you’re not going back in). I took a deep breath and reminded myself, no matter what, go with the flow.

And then I was in India.

The first thing I noticed was that, perhaps in mortal fear of any speck of silence, car horns are constantly honked. I did wonder if instead of indicators, horns were used.

Commerce and trade rages on every corner. Any spare space is filled with a stall. Homeless women sweep the busy pavement next to the freeway, keeping their tarpaulin shanty refuge clean. Kids play cricket with sticks and stones on the hard shoulders. Vendors are on the side of the street.  Men are pissing in the road, not caring. Tuk-tuks are overloaded with hessian sacks full of treasure. Men in expensive suits sit in the back of expensive cars talking on expensive mobile phones.

The allergy to peace and quiet stretches to the animals. Dogs peacefully bask in the sun and turn to war mongers ready for battle at night. The cows are quiet. And they are everywhere.

Team meeting and a first curry. Then a little explore around the Karol Bahg market which is next to our hotel, The Pooja Palace.







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