20th January 2016 – Orccha

This morning I didn’t feel too well. My throat is sore.

Its hot today. We had a look around a palace today, it was spectacular. A bit like a labyrinth. I am beginning to find similarities in the architecture. There were a lot of architecture students studying the place. Then, we walked through Orccha (which means ‘hidden place’ – it was in the middle of the jungle) to another temple and then off to look at the cenotaphs which are four large, almost identical buildings that look like they belong in Cambodia. The gardens were wonderful. We spotted many vultures nesting. An old fella shimmied up the scariest staircase and dragged us with him for “the view”. We were not disappointed.

An really sweet family, an Indian man and his wife and daughter asked us for a photo. Used to Chanderi, we took a photo of them and showed them. They left us, but I noticed that they hung around for a bit. It struck me that we had misunderstood their request, I ran after them and asked if they had a camera. They really wanted a photo with us to take home. I’m glad we realised.

I was meant to be going to a cooking class this evening, but I didn’t want to miss the sunset. I felt bad cancelling at such short notice, but Rob went to the class with Jonathan and Monica and I went to the one lone bridge to watch the sunset. I met up with Pradeep and Rachel and Tim. At one point Pradeep saw a kid fishing on the bridge. The fishing rod was odd, it had a giant bloody magnet on the end of it. He was fishing for coins. Pradeep helped him and he caught six rupees and a British penny (thanks to Rachel!).

A bus came along the bridge and it was tight. The bus stopped and it was decided that while it was stationary, we would shuffle alongside the bus and out of its way. The little boy grabbed my hand to help me. It wouldn’t let go and we became firm friends as we crossed the bridge.

The sunset, falling behind the cenotaphs was incredible.

We met back at the hotel. The boys and Monica came back from the cooking class. The food they bought back was amazing and very spicy! Thankfully Robert has written down all of the recipes.

Went for dinner, drinks, back to camp, packed and to bed.

Tomorrow we travel to a village called Alipura, it’s not really on the map, so I’m expecting to take a lot of photos.

A wonderful day.


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