21st January 2016 – Alipura. My favourite place.

Up and off to Alipura.

I felt so ill, so slept most of the way. It is a tiny village and arriving at the hotel was nothing short of spectacular. It was a medieval palace. Walking through giant and very thick wooden doors, as we ascended the stone staircase we could hear our greeting party gently playing music to welcome us. They were all blind.

We were taken to our rooms, which again felt like I had entered into a time vortex and been gently dropped into the late 1800’s. To call it a room is an understatement. Our apartment has a large alcove with a bed on a raised platform, flanked by stained glass windows that open onto stone balconies. We have an entrance hall, a dressing area, a bathroom and a courtyard all to ourselves. Large iron bars lock us in, if we wish, and the doors are locked with an old heavy padlock when we leave.

We ate and then went exploring around the village. It was very colourful and bright, with the buildings painted white and blue – like you would see in Greece. We see signs painted on walls that are government adverts, encouraging people not to defecate in the street and to keep the place clean. It’s working. Alipura is much, much cleaner than we have seen in other areas. Everyone smiles at us, but we are left alone.

As we explore, we see bikes decorated with marigolds, water stations, a hospital and a school as well as the temple over the way from our palace.

The hotel was exactly like the Most Exotic Marigold Hotel, only nicer. The light was stunning. We went to Tim and Franks apartment for a couple of beers on their balcony. We had a quick tour of their massive apartment, including a gentlemen’s dressing area. This place truly is spectacular. Sitting on the stone balcony, we watch the more rural part of town prepare their fires for dinner.

We head to the roof to meet the others and we all sit and watch the sun set.

Dinner and an early night as we will be up early tomorrow.

The musicians lull us to sleep with their gentle drums and sitar.
I could spend the rest of my days right here.

Too beautiful. I feel spoilt.



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