22nd January 2016 – Khajuraho

Up, out and on our bus. In the fog we risked out mortal vehicles on a journey further south to Khajuraho (secret date trees). This was, until fairly recently a jungle which concealed some incredible Hindu temples with the most intricate carvings. Many are from the Kama Sutra and are very graphic. They survived only because they were lost to civilisation for so long thanks to the growth of the jungle. Again, these temples look like they should be in Cambodia. We took our time having a look around as it was so hot today.

On the streets the hawkers are back and as forceful as Agra and Delhi. Something I didn’t miss when I was in Alipura and Chanderi. Had a couple of beers with Frank and Rob in the sunshine, then sunset on our balcony.

Later we all went to a ‘dance extravaganza’. Pradeep forgot to mention to us that it was optional. It was interesting to see dance and costumes from different places throughout the sub-continent. I was a bit knackered though. Went to bed as soon as I got home in preparation for the earliest of starts tomorrow, a seven hour drive to Bandhavgarh.


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