23rd January 2016 – Bandhavgarh Tiger Resort

Up very early and out. Khajuraho was an interesting place but the local drug dealers were a pain. We bought a couple of coats for tomorrows early morning safari, which was a story in itself.

En route we stopped off at the first petrol station I’ve seen since we arrived. Rob posed for a photo next to a motorbike in his “leather” jacket. (He was offered a Tommy Hilfiger jacket in the shop and when he said he didn’t want to pay much, the bloke saying, “don’t worry! Its fake.” #notthepoint)

Got to the Tiger Resort an hour early. It’s very warm here. We dumped our stuff in our individual chalets and got straight into a hammock. I feel like I’m in the middle of the jungle. And I am.

That afternoon, we went on our first safari. The safari jeeps took us to the national park and after our passports had been verified, we drove in. We saw loads of spotted deer, birds and other creatures, but sadly no tigers today.

We came back at sunset and ate dinner. It got really cold so we sat around a fire pit. We met a lovely young couple from Mumbai, Kitty and Rajiv. They’re a really sweet couple.


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