24th January 2016 – Bandhavgarh, Katina and an overnight train.

Up at quarter to six. Put all of my clothes on, the lot. Went outside for chai, then onto the jeeps and off we went.

It wasn’t exactly ‘killer cold’ as Pradeep would say, but it was chilly. We had blankets to cover us. After a few hours of driving around, we saw plenty of every creature under the sun except tigers. We did see footprints, and a worryingly large amount of people not in jeeps working on the ground, but no tigers today. On the way out, we stopped for chai and spicy pekora to warm up.

Got back to the resort and jumped in a hammock to bask in the sunshine and warm up.  After a lunch, we got back on the bus, said our farewells to Rajiv and Kitty and headed off towards Katina where we were to catch our much anticipated / dreaded overnight train journey to Varanasi. I’m here now, on the top bunk. Robert is opposite me, Pradeep at the side. Two guys on each bottom bunk. A young kid is over the other side with his guitar. It’s pretty cramped and hot. Even the fan near my head is making a loud sound but not making much breeze at all. Dinner is a paratha with aloo, made for us and boxed up at the previous place. Frank has visited our carriage for a beer. Not sure I’ll sleep brilliantly this evening.




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