29th January 2016 – Delhi

Today we see Kim!

But first back to Cafe Coffee Day and on the metro to Chandni chowk for shopping. We arrived and walked ALL around Chandni chowk looking for souvenirs. Its quite a place to be at the best of times, but the heat today was quite something. Dodging tuks, rickshaws, cows, sleeping dogs, plastic and goodness knows what else on the narrow tracks in this shanty town makes navigating the crowds and monkeys a quest. We went as far as the mosque and through to the Red Fort, which is massive.

Making our way back to the metro and headed over to a Swaminaryan Akshardham temple complex. It was an impressive place and temple. We went on a boat trip which took us through all of the things that were invented in India. Basically (according to this trip) they invented everything 2000 years before everyone else.

Metro back. I was stared at a lot. Maybe its because I don’t have the security of my group, but it got to me a little today. I’m beginning to get tired of it.

Home, shower and a car to Kim’s. Through security and into the gorgeous hotel. Dinner with Kim was nice (I noticed that everyone was using cutlery – a habit we had fallen out of). The food was really lovely. We went up to Kim’s suite and Facetimed Terry (Rob’s brother) and Jen (Rob’s mum) who were having a beer in London.

Car home, Rob slept – he has a cold. Travelling late at night is never wise as its the only time that lorries are allowed on the road. It took us a while to get back. In bed by 1am. We’re already packed and will be up at 5am. Its time to go home.

I’m sad to leave.


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