30th January 2016 – Leaving India

We had all of our papers ready. The car came to get us at 5:30 and we made our way to the airport. After check-in (took ages) we went through the many security checks and immigration and that was that.

After quite a long exit interview with immigration, I used my last bit of Hindu. He was delighted that I had tried, like the security lady at the hotel last night. I’m not sure many people try to speak Hindu, but its not too difficult and trips off the tongue nicely.

We departed for Abu Dhabi. Three hours later we made our connection and had a smooth flight. Circling many times over Stansted (?) we headed towards Heathrow flying over a clear skied London. We even saw Piccadilly Circus. As we landed, we were told to sit tight and Police embarked and arrested a guy.

Home. Fish and chips for dinner. I was sick as a dog all night! Ha! Bloody English food!


I can not wait to return to India. I can tell you this, when I arrive I’ll take a moment before I leave the airport and I’ll take a deep breath and remember the friends I did this journey with. They are forever woven into this intense and marvelous physical and spiritual trip. And then, I’ll tell myself, no matter what, go with the flow and will walk into the next adventure.



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